Monday, September 16, 2013

More fun videos of Lilly

My sister Marsha made a hat and gave it to Lilly.  I thought instead of just taking pictures of Lilly with the cute hat on her that I would do a video.  She looked so cute and even though she doesn't giggle or growl too much she sure seemed pretty happy just having it on.  It is a bit shaky but at least I got it.


Lately Lilly has been doing this growling bit.  She is so cute when she does it and we were lucky enough to get some of it on video.  I have uploaded two videos of her growling.  The first one is longer than the second one (only 8 seconds).  I laugh more when I see the second one cause she just does this cute little thing with her arm.  LOVE IT!




Marsha said...

There is something about Lilly that reminds me of Grandma Dickey. I can't quite figure it out. Such a happy baby.

Diana said...

Love it! She is so cute and such a character already!!

Lesa said...

Thanks Diana! She really is quite the individual! Marsha now that you mention it she seems to have some of Grandma Dickey's features and her smile. Maybe that is what it is.

Diane said...

What a little LOVE!