Thursday, April 18, 2013

Spring has come!

The snow has come and gone (except for those few days in April and possibly even May that is always seems cold enough for more snow that melts before the day is over).  Things around here have been pretty crazy and exhausting.  Try as hard as I might I wasn't able to get the house in the order that I had wanted to before little Lillian came into our world.  It felt like I just could never quite keep up.  Of course Bri didn't really help out much as she was constantly pulling her toys out shortly after I put them away.  The life as a Mom I suppose.  When I was told that Lilly was breech I didn't know how to react.  We even went and tried a version (where they try and turn the baby to be head down).  It didn't work and was pretty painful!  So we scheduled a c-section.  Something I never thought I would need to worry about.  I'll admit that I was nervous.  I called my cousin Diana and talked to her since she has had 5 of them and will soon be having a 6th!  It eased my mind a bit however having never gone through one before I was still a bit on the nervous side!  Well about 5:15ish after Gavin's parents arrived to take care of Bri for the day we headed for the hospital!  We got there checked in and prepped for the surgery and about 7:15ish headed into the operating room.  There they finished prepping me by giving me a spinal block.  Holy Guacamole that stuff numbs you good and quick!  They raised the sheet and and Dr. Thorpe told me to start counting back from 10 and then let them know when I was ready for them to start.  I didn't know quite what to do with that cause in my mind I was thinking that when I've seen Doctors tell patients to do that in the movies they tend to fall asleep before they even get to one.  So I started giggling and the anesthesiologist said don't worry about it they've already started.  That made me giggle even more.  Well this was all around 7:30 and I could feel them pushing on my belly but could feel no pain.  Eight minutes later little Lillian was out weighing in at 7lbs 9oz and 20in. long.  They gave me a quick look at her close up.

I think the hardest thing for me was knowing that I wasn't gonna be able to hold her for right after or even for at least 20-30 minutes.  Little did I know that as they were cleaning her up that they noticed her shaking and had some troubles getting her to start crying/breathing right away but after some work she started crying/breathing.  Then they took her out of the room to finish getting cleaned up and Gavin went with them.  They finished stapling me together and cleaned me up and wheeled me back to my room.  Gavin had my phone and so I couldn't call or text anyone.  Gavin finally came into the room and let me know that our little Lillian had low sugar levels and that is why I still didn't have her in my arms.  They were trying to get them back up.  Thankfully because they knew I wanted to breastfeed they fed her with formula through a tube so that we could still get her to latch.  About 10:30 that morning I FINALLY got to hold my baby girl!

She is such a stark difference from Bri.

They look similar and yet so different. 

When Bri came in later that day she was definitely indifferent.  She said baby looked like she wanted to hop up on the bed with me but then refused to.  She just wanted to go and play.  The next day she seemed completely different and was excited to "hold" her baby sister.

She was so cute with her and she really seemed to actually be enjoying her sister.  Since coming home she has done really well with her.

She loves to hug her and be soft with her head.  Lilly has been such a sweetheart.  She is so much more calm and easy going than Bri was and that is such a huge blessing!  She sleeps pretty well.  Only wakes up about every 2 1/2-3 hours.  Very rarely will she sleep more than that at a time.  We sure are enjoying our time with her and I love holding her and try to do it as often as Bri will allow for it.

Bri on the other hand has been potty training.  

We are having some regression since bringing Lilly home.  However we are working on it with her and some things are working better than others.  We are looking very much forward to having the weather warmer for more than a day or two so that we can get outside and go play at the park and go for walks and possibly even bike rides.  Bri is also getting so stinking smart!  She can look at her "Chicka, Chicka, Boom, Boom" book where the ABC's are and as I point to each letter she says them out loud (except for "L" she refuses to say "L" whenever I point to it).  It started out with her just knowing "O" and from there she has worked her way through the rest of the ABC's.  She is doing so well!  We are enjoying all the moments with our little Bri!  She really is a blessing to us and as upset as we can get with her or the things she does/doesn't do, we sure do laugh with her A LOT!

As for Gavin and I, we are doing pretty good.  We definitely could use more sleep but we know that with time we will get there.  We are learning how to deal with having two kids and how to best juggle them both.  We have bad days just like everyone else does but we love our girls and couldn't ask for better.


Diana said...

Both your girls are SO cute! I'm glad things went well for you, although I'm sorry Lillian had those sugar issues and it took so long to hold her! How sad! :(

Lisa Liechty said...

Gorgeous girls! Congrats!

Marsha said...

This makes me want to hold Lillian again and take Sabrina for a walk. You and Gavin do a great job as parents!

Diane said...

Hurray! Congratulations! I'm so glad she's here! I'm glad everything turned out well. It's never fun when things don't work quite as we plan - especially with little hiccups like low blood sugar. What a little sweetheart!